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Deal Wizard as the name sounds is a new one of its kind ecommerce solution. With operations in Kuwait and Middle East Deal Wizard customers have an opportunity to place their requirement and get deals in the form of bids from hundreds of vendors. Deal wizard provides a consistent stream of industry intelligence to both customers and vendors with ease of access.

A unique ecommerce solution which is first to market software that allows unparalleled access to inaccessible sales. With KPI enforcements and purchasing strategies customers can often land desired items at very sought-after prices.

Our commitment is to drive success for our customers and vendors

Our goal is to give amusing and risk free online shopping experience to customers and an opportunity to our vendors to increase their sales revenue exponentially. We aim to accomplish this purpose through.

  • An ethical environment for our customers and vendors
  • Precise product and pricing information
  • Rapid responses to customer inquiries
  • Utmost standards for customer's privacy
  • Invariable innovation and development
  • Long-term relationship with our vendors
  • Dignity and respect among Deal Wizard team



Our Services

For Customers

Customers can sign up easily and post their requirement.
Sit back and get access to a number of price bids on the desired item.
Get notifications for new bids and revised bids on their item.
Select the most sought after price and get the never before online deal for the desired products.

For Vendors

Expanding sales revenue for vendors in Middle East.

Our expert guidance enables the vendors to strategize their bids and make the most out of this unique system Become a registered vendor
Browse for customer requirements in desired categories.
Place your best bid.
Sit back and get notified for winning.

Our Product Team

With an intense understanding of how buyers and sellers use Deal Wizard, our product team is persistently looking for ways to improve the Marketplace's functionality.
Our product team interacts regularly with forefront team to work towards the challenges faced by our vendors and customers. They work towards turning out improvements with a meticulous schedule matchless in the industry.


An award winning ecommerce solution which maintains 99.9% uptime both for our vendors and customers. Our world class development team not only works towards building the best platforms but also address the customizations for our vendors. We constantly keep enhancing our solution because our technology is built by our stupendous in-house development team.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team to support customers and vendors which answers the questions about the usability of our platform. Experts on the Deal Wizard platform operate from our head office and provide outstanding support at no cost.