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About us

We believe in fair competition for everyone, on that base
The deal wizard company started in early 2019 because we see a huge need for a business mediator between the vendors and clients. Serving the important law in business “reduce the cost and increase the sales”

Usually, buyers are not reachable to all vendors which cause a slow response to these requests or not surfactant prices or terms and conditions in the other hand Vendors cannot cover the all market because of a lack of salespeople.

That's why We came with solutions can solve this problem by making vendors requests exposed to all sales with a specific category, so Customer or the buyer can post the RFQ in dealwizard.net and tens of hungry vendors salesmen response with a proposal and their best price,  warranty,  delivery time and payment terms.     
Along the way, an intelligent engine will filter all sales proposals and rank them upon the best deal considering the price, payments, terms, and conditions.

The buyer now can make a short list of vendors asking them for 2nd round pricing or he can finalize the deal and make the purchase.

We want to be your source of information, expanding your sales market and increasing your sales pipeline, closing deals with customers ware unreachable for you.

And give the customer or buyer all options along with the best products or deals or vendors to deal with.

 It’s a win-win situation for everybody